Kaunas Guide

Kaunas Guide


In the heart of Lithuania, Kaunas is a city that might seem compact at first, but once you start discovering it, you’ll realise that history is still truly alive here. Start your trip by walking through its main artery, Laisvės Alėja, while you admire its beautiful architecture, and make sure you get familiar with the delicious Lithuanian dishes and the ancient bath traditions in a city that was once the admired place of Adam Mickiewitz, too.

The City

In the 20th century, Kaunas served as the national capital while Vilnius was invaded by the Russian Empire between 1919 and 1939. This period played an important role in Kaunas becoming a culturally rich city, often regarded in these years as the Little Paris for its spectacular architecture and bustling social life.

Sadly, Kaunas was not exempt from the tragic events of the past century, either. Given its significant Jewish community, it saw the killings of thousands of victims, and was heavily repressed by the Soviet rule, against which the June Uprising was organised here in 1941.

Perhaps it’s her troubled history that helped Kaunas build such a captivating character, which a visitor today can still experience by taking a walk in the cobblestoned historic Old Town of the city that is going to be 2022’s European Capital of Culture.

Do & See

Abundant in beautiful landmarks and interesting museums, Kaunas has a remarkable cultural heritage that celebrates Lithuania’s eventful history.

Bars & Nightlife

No visit to Kaunas is complete without visiting the OldTown Pub, a laid-back bar that regularly organises fun activities such as thematic quizzes and the Kaunas pub crawl!
W 1640

W 1640
A cellar whiskey bar based on a lot of expertise, with tastings and special events like the whiskey & oyster night.

Mojo Lounge
A bustling cocktail bar with a rooftop terrace, acclaimed performers, and probably the best parties thrown on the weekends!

BO baras
Get a beer with the locals, or try the seasonal specialties! Snacks like pizza is also served if you need something to soak that all up.

The famous fifth-floor place in town; pay a visit if you are in the mood for live concerts and to mingle with students!

Dejavu Party Bar
An underground bar with a techno and a chillout room. Stay tuned for events like the Black Lips Thursday!

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