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Rental car fees

If your plans include renting a car, there could be hidden fees lurking in that rental agreement. Should you buy insurance? What about tolls on the road?
CNBC.COM have tips on what to be aware of and wary of before you take those keys.

Permission card to Belarus – 60 EUR

To operate the vehicle outside Lithuania, the Green Card needed.


Now permission card to cross the border with Belarus or Russia 60 EUR only! This offer include Green Card insurance,

Our new website in Lithuanian language.

We are pleased to present our new website in Lithuanian language.
Džiaugiamės galėdami pristatyti mūsų naują tinklalapį lietuvių kalba.



“M&G Car Rental Kaunas I Automobiliu nuoma Kaune” offers student discount with ID

As a student, it’s easy to yearn for a life beyond the monotony of classes, papers, and tests. Only when you graduate, and hit the realities of life, do you realize that you miss the academic conversations you had at lunch every day or learning new disciplines each semester. Another thing you very quickly miss: the discounts.

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