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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions


Pick-up / Drop-of is available 24 hrs

Are you open on Sundays and bank holidays?
We are able to take collection/deliveries of vehicles on Sundays and bank holidays. Out of Hours Fee will apply.

I have made a booking – what happens now?
Once your car hire booking has been confirmed, your pre-paid car hire voucher will be emailed to you. This must be presented to the local car hire firm on collection of the vehicle

What’s included in the cost of my car hire?
All cars hired through Low Cost Car Rental M&G Automobiliu nuoma Kaune are covered by Collision damage waiver, third party insurance, unlimited mileage, theft waiver, breakdown cover, airport fees and local taxes. Personal accident insurance isn’t covered.
Collision damage waiver, this is the insurance which covers your hired vehicle.  Third party insurance covers a third party’s vehicle in the event of an accident. However, there is an insurance excess 500 €, which you can reduce till 0 EUR.

I need to cancel my car hire, what should I do now?
If you wish to cancel your reservation for any reason you must telephone M&G Automobiliu nuoma Kaune number (listed below) and be ready to quote the information contained above in this Reservation Confirmation. Cancellation is not valid by any other method. If you cancel your reservation within 3 days of the date of this Reservation Confirmation (no later than 2 days before pickup date) a full refund will be made to you. If you cancel your reservation after the 3 day period or later than 2 days before pickup, we reserve the right to make a Cancellation Charge of 20 € to cover our administration costs, which we will deduct from the refund we make to you. Please note that no refunds are issued for hires returned early.

What details will I need to collect a vehicle?
Drivers must provide a full driving license held for at least two years, an “M&G Automobiliu nuoma Kaune”pre-paidd car hire voucher and a valid credit card for the security/petrol deposit.

What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled?
“M&G Automobiliu nuoma Kaune” needs to be advised of any flight change. If a flight arrives after the local rental office has closed, an out of hours fee may be imposed. Reservations will advise clients if this is the case. No refunds can be given for a failed rental if we are not provided with the correct flight information in good time, no responsibility can be accepted or compensation allowed for a failed rental.

What happens if my vehicle is involved in an accident?
In the event of any mechanical difficulties or accident involving your rental vehicle, it is imperative that details are reported to us straight away. You should also notify the local police in the case of accidents and a signed police report obtained. You should also obtain full details of any third parties involved. Authority to repair or replace a vehicle must be obtained from us. You should retain copies of all rental documentation in the event that an insurance company becomes involved. Compensation cannot be considered when this procedure is not followed correctly.

How do I extend my car hire?
If you wish to add additional days to your rental, “M&G Automobiliu nuoma Kaune” needs to be notified and will endeavor to extend the hire for you and you will pay the local rate for the additional days- this is usually more expensive.

Can I take the vehicle abroad?
Customers can take our vehicles abroad. The vehicle must have Permission to cross the Lithuanian border  and documentation all of which can be obtained from us and customers should contact us for a quote. Please note certain countries are excluded from the cover.

  1. Do you deliver and collect?
    We can deliver and collect vehicles to your address for an extra fee.

Do you offer unlimited mileage?
We do offer unlimited mileage on all our vehicles.

What is your policy on parking offenses?
Should a parking charge not be paid by the hirer of the vehicle and we have to pay the charge, our standard administration fee will be added to the parking charge and debited from the hirer of the vehicle.

What else is the hirer responsible/liable for?
You are responsible for all daily checks; tire pressures, engine oils, windscreen washer fluid lights etc. You are fully liable for any windscreen, glass, wheel or radiator damage, and any punctures.

What is the insurance excess liability on the vehicle?
There is an insurance excess liability on all hire vehicles. For cars and light vans, this is EUR 500. We will ask that you give authorization in the unlikely event of an accident to retain the appropriate amount.
We also ask for the Security deposit of 100 EUR in cash.

Payment Information.
We accept most major credit and debit cards. We also accept cash.

What is your fuel policy?
All daily hire vehicles are normally provided on “some to same” basis. This means that we provide the vehicle with some amount of fuel and we will expect the same amount of fuel on its return and a charge will be made for any shortfall.

Do you allow one-way rentals within your depots?
We do allow our hirers to pick up a vehicle from one of our depots and return it to another location. You will need to let the depot you are hiring from know of your intention to return the vehicle to a different location on pick up so that we can make the necessary preparations for your return.One Way Fee may apply.

Do you have any cleaning charges?
We do not normally impose a cleaning charge for our hire vehicles when they are returned except in the case of negligent abuse or if a pet has been carried in the vehicle. If in doubt you should contact us prior to your hire period commencing.

What should I be aware of regarding taking the vehicle abroad?
A hirer can take an “M&G Automobiliu nuoma Kaune” car or van abroad for an additional charge to cover the additional insurance and mileage incurred. If you intend to take the vehicle abroad then this should be mentioned at the time of booking with information about the countries you are visiting so as to enable our staff enough time to get all relevant documentation and cover arranged. This documentation is essential when passing national borders as otherwise, the vehicle is liable to be seized by Customs in certain countries. All of this documentation can be obtained from us and you should contact us for a specific quote. Please note that we are not able to arrange cover for all countries. A higher deposit of EUR 500.00 is applicable.
We only cover vehicles taken abroad on our insurance where they fall under the category of cars or vans. Under no circumstances may any “M&G Automobiliu nuoma Kaune” vehicle be taken out of the Lithuania without the express written permission of “M&G Automobiliu nuoma Kaune”. Otherwise – a fine of 500 EUR.

Do you guarantee a specific model of vehicle?
The vehicles shown on our tariff sheet and website are typical of the most common vehicles that we hire. We regret that we are not able to guarantee a specific make and model, only the group of that model vehicle. In the unlikely event that we do not have a vehicle available in the group you have booked, we will only ever upgrade you to the next highest vehicle group without any extra charges.


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