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Now Hyunai Getz 10€ only!

The Hyundai Getz is practical, economical and comfortable, too, and while the cheapest models are very basic, you don’t have to spend much more on higher spec versions to get just as much kit as more expensive rivals. The Getz’s back-to-basics nature means it has a certain charm, where rivals are a bit ordinary.

Now 10€ only!

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Enjoy 10% Off On
Your First Order

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AYGO Now 7€ only!

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Pay less, live more with AYGO. Bright, bold and distinctive, AYGO is your way to stand out from the crowd.

Kaunas Guide


In the heart of Lithuania, Kaunas is a city that might seem compact at first, but once you start discovering it, you’ll realise that history is still truly alive here. Start your trip by walking through its main artery, Laisvės Alėja, while you admire its beautiful architecture, and make sure you get familiar with the delicious Lithuanian dishes and the ancient bath traditions in a city that was once the admired place of Adam Mickiewitz, too.

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